Dr. Megan Ross

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    Chief Clinical Officer

    Megan Ross, Ph.D., is a cultural anthropologist, dancer, and international and somatic psychologist who resides in Chicago. Her work and research investigates the human movement sciences, personal and international peace, and the impact these relationships have on contemporary health outcomes. In addition to her somatic and cultural psychology work, she is a health care administrator.

    Ross is the Chief Clinical Officer of Aloria Health, where she directs the integrity and values planning of the organization’s strategic goals, staff development, and client care. She also serves as faculty with the Aloria Institute of Education and Research. Formerly, Ross was Director of Program Development and Trauma Awareness and a core faculty member for the Clinical Development Institute at a nationally known residential treatment facility.

    Ross lectures widely on various relational, cultural, and psychological subjects. She teaches and supervises both emerging and seasoned clinicians on a broad range of topics from somatic integration in psychotherapy to the contextualization of health. Ross also mentors and consults for organizations and individuals on clinical aptitude and operational practices that are both values measured and fiscally responsible. Ross holds a Ph.D. in International Psychology.