Each of our departments works in collaborative concert to meet the needs of our clients and their support structures.

  • Admissions Department

    The admissions department is the welcome mat to the Aloria experience. It provides information and support to all of those involved in connecting a potential client to care.

    Admissions Coordinators are the first point of contact. These are the people who answer all questions you may have when initially pursuing the idea of care.

    Continuing Care Coordinators concurrently provide assistance to the client and the client’s care team for aftercare planning and relapse prevention.

    Utilization Review Coordinators (UR) are here to talk directly with a client’s insurance company to help provide all with best level of care possible. 

  • Clinical Therapy Department

    The Clinical Therapy Department conceptualizes each of our clients as a human being. From this foundation, we begin to develop and grow each of our client’s strengths through the organic utility of dialectical therapies.

    Clinical Therapists work collaboratively to ensure team cohesion, a positive therapeutic environment, and an authentic therapeutic relationship.

    Therapeutic Assistants provide milieu management, daily guidance, supervision, and crisis intervention with skill and grace.

  • Medical Therapy Department

    The Medical Department educates and support the autonomy of the client and the values they truly wish to live by through human interactions and medical support.

    Psychiatrists are responsible for providing medical and clinical care through relationship development, sessions, and groups.

    Nursing provides care focused on regular assessments, medication management, and support to emergent medical needs appropriate to care.

  • Nutrition Therapy Department

    Nutrition Therapy Department brings balance to clients’ eating patterns by developing an individualized meal plan for each client and educating each client on how to integrate the meal plan into their everyday lives. 


    Registered Dietitians understand that nutritional changes take time, so we provide needed education and support to regain healthful eating patterns.

    Nutrition Therapy Technicians compliment the role of the registered dietitian by providing support at meals including education.

    Culinary Arts takes pride in offering a variety of foods and providing clients the opportunity to be successful in recovery.

  • Environmental Care Department

    Environmental Care Department is comprised of dedicated individuals who promote a recovery-oriented ambience and work to ensure a safe care environment. The team takes ownership in maintaining our modern and purposefully built facility.

  • Professional Relations Liaisons

    Professional Relations Liaisons are located throughout the country to assist professionals and care systems in matching clients to care. Our Liaisons are committed to finding the right care for clients as well as inviting a conversation on ways to collaborate.