We are flexible in our approach to care. We develop staff skills and programming in alignment with the evolutions of neuroscience, process addictions, trauma recovery, the understanding of food, experiential and expressive modalities, and critical, humanist, and positive psychology while promoting the embodiment process for both resident and staff.

Every person needs care that is tailored to them, and our programming reflects our belief in that. Every day of programming is structured to address client’s physical, medical, emotional and mental health needs. We strive to ensure our schedules echo the general flow of a day as well as the flow of a week.

We believe that successful care is exhibited when a client demonstrates an increased capacity to tolerate the present moment and the sensory information associated.

Although our programming is always evolving, these are some examples of groups clients may participate in here at Aloria:

  • Movement and Intention

    Movement and Intention is designed to integrate yoga, developmental movement patterning, Somatic Experiencing, and DBT. This group facilitates the experience of a mind-body connection through yoga postures, relaxed breathing techniques, guided relaxation, breath, and movement coordination and meditation, as well as identifying and reflecting on the focus for the day.

  • Wellness

    Wellness is a positive group that includes topics such as nutrition, fitness content, body image, nursing, as well as psycho-educational materials and relapse prevention by using a strength-based approach. The balance of these various types of information and positive relapse prevention work assists in responding to the realities of eating disorder diagnoses as well as food and body related issues.

  • Application

    Application brings skill development into action through the combination of psycho-educational materials, experiential and expressive opportunities. Application is a group designed for the transitional realities at this level of care.

  • Meals and snacks

    Meals and snacks are integrated throughout the day so clients can have the support and guidance they need during the eating experience. During the meal or snack clients can apply the skills they have learned in the moment to help nourish their body. Clinical staff are present to help model healthful eating patterns and provide a structured, pleasant environment.

  • Empowerment

    Empowerment is an experiential group designed to offer clients the space to practice real world challenges in a supportive environment. This group time is about addressing the transitions of life and developing healthful leisure and support development while fostering curiosity and self-exploration.

  • Integration

    Integration is a group time that follows the theme of the day with the goal of integrating content and skills into the client’s perceptions and behaviors. This group is a curated combination of psycho-education, experiential, expressive and process modalities.

  • Release and Decompression

    Release and Decompression are a daily social experience that engage clients into the process of community in a supportive environment. The group will foster an opportunity for bonding and developing interpersonal relationship.