Our values drive us toward that goal and inspire our staff to work with your client to help them discover what health and wellness mean for them in their journey toward self-actualization.

  • We do strong work.

    We approach our work with humility and are committed to always do what is necessary to provide the best quality of care and service.

  • We play with mobility inside stability.

    We recognize the lively interplay between building a solid foundation and adapting to change in order to reach previously untouched realms. Dynamic responsiveness allows us to playfully approach our interactions with integrity.

  • We are comfortable with complexity.

    We honor the context of situation and care. Our care integrates the social determinants of health and wellbeing. In response, we develop relationships recognizing that everyone’s situation is different.

  • We invite a conversation.

    We are invested in conversations throughout the continuum of care. We invite engagement with all people. By choosing to listen we hope to collaboratively challenge pervasive patterns in order to enable us all to realize our potential.