Who we care for

At Aloria Health, we make sure that our care addresses the underlying causes of eating disorder symptoms, behaviors and related issues. We look at how we individually and culturally engage with the full process of food, how we view ourselves, and how we celebrate living. The complexities of eating disorder diagnoses become simplified when clients can be guided into developing their own awareness of the subtle shifts that make each and every one of us dynamic. Becoming aware of your own dynamism is a personal revolution. You discover that you are more than your diagnosis, more than your past, more than your perceptions; you are more than.
Aloria Health provides care for people with food and body related issues as well as the following eating disorder diagnoses:

o Anorexia
o Binge eating disorders
o Body dysmorphia
o Bulimia
o Compulsive overeating
o Orthorexia

We believe that successful care is exhibited when a client demonstrates an increased capacity to tolerate the present moment and the sensory information associated. While many clients are seeking answers to “why?”, life is the way it is or “why?”, something took place. These questions are rarely met with satisfactory answers. What we are able to address concretely at Aloria Health, is, How, someone is experiencing the present moment and what that information means to the context of their lives.