Levels of care

During the admissions process, clients are assessed for the appropriate level of care. An admitting client will be met with a team that is foundationally interested in the value of care being experienced. Exposing oneself to receiving care with others is a vulnerable and empowering process that we begin by listening and being available to your needs. This is how we offer individualized care. We listen and then respond in kind. The necessity for transparency of process allows the therapeutic relationship to have space to grow.

Transparency of process is also a cultural underpinning of Aloria Health. We take responsibility for our care by maintaining accountability for what we offer and how we offer it.


Intensive Outpatient

Our Intensive Out Patient was developed to integrate the recovery process into the realities of daily life. Clients often remain active in their outside activities while participating in our flexible 3 to 5 day-per-week program.

Day Treatment/PHP

Our Day Treatment/PHP was developed to provide an intricate balance of self-discovery and group support. Clients take part in a program that focuses on the transitions of life and their effects on self-perception and self-actualization.


Our residential program is structured to provide continual, 24 hour a day support while a client navigates increasing their self-awareness for self-regulation and moving toward self-organization.