More than.

You are more than your eating disorder diagnosis. The journey that brought you here is unique to you, but doesn’t define who you are. You are more than your past. You are a person looking toward the future, a friend, a neighbor; we are here.


Reimagining eating disorder care.

Aloria Health inspires a new standard of eating disorder care that empowers the individual, family and community toward self-awareness, reliance and resilience.

It’s Possible

Recovery is not illusive, transformation is possible, and all have the potential to heal.

The Moment

Recovery does not follow a calendar. Our care is responsive; we act with purpose and feeling.

Community Care

Approaching care from a community perspective highlights the relational fundamentals of humanity.

More than treatment.

Aloria Health is the collective vision of experienced health care workers who have come together to fully realize the untapped potential of eating disorder care. For far too long, eating disorder treatment has valued diagnosis and behavioral control over unconditional positive regard and the person. At Aloria Health, we lead our clients toward a path of strength and promise. Through an approach that includes more than treatment, we give them the tools needed to become their best selves.

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Aloria Milwaukee


Aloria Milwaukee provides reimagined eating disorder care with the convenience of a downtown location.

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Intensive Outpatient

Our Intensive Outpatient care offers a curated balance of psycho-education, process, expressive, and experiential opportunities for clients to self-actuate their health. Intensive Outpatient was developed to integrate the recovery process into the realities of daily life. Clients often remain active in their outside activities while participating in our flexible 3 to 5 day-per-week program.

PHP/Day Treatment

Our PHP/Day Treatment was developed to provide an intricate balance of self-discovery and group support. Clients take part in an 8.5 hour program that focuses on the transitions of life and their effects on self-perception and self-actualization.

Residential Care

Our Residential care is a balance of structure and development. Clients are provided with the needed  24/7 structure to support their developing awareness of personal choice, option and change. This is done in a supported living environment and community of peers and Aloria staff.